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Monday, July 9, 2012

Next after the next

Just came back from IIUM Library, catch some books to work on my Political Science’s assignment. The topic is about “Morocco; It’s  Political Changes, Functions of Executive and Civil Society”.

This topic sounds interesting right? I will write also about its comparison with Malaysian Politics to make it more exclusiveness..hehe=)

Since my lecturer wanted it to be about 60 pages, I think this is not a normal assignment, it is more towards THESIS. And………………I hope I can finish up it early so I can concentrate on my other study. Like I said before, I love writing.. I like writing assignments..more than I love to sit for the exam though..hehe. Perhaps my writing skill is my strength (writing blog? Perhaps no..hehe). I don’t know. But, whatever it is, I always believe that we must strive our best in anything.

Next assignment, about working paper, Malay subject. Some presentations and some reports.

Next assignment. My Chocolate’s business=) hehe. We will be starting at Raya Promotion this week. Hope our business going well. As for our chocolate in Kelantan and Kedah too=) We are widening our branches.Alhamdulillah=)

Next assignment. My husband=)  Cooking, washing for him. Oh. One more. Downloading movie for him.hehe=)

Next assignment. My daughter. I was thinking about making a birthday party for her. As for her birth day, it always fall on Fasting period, Ramadhan time..hehe..last birthday we just can make some small party at Kelantan last year after Hari Raya.. so perhaps I must drag forward the party a little bit earlier.oh, still in the progress of thinking. ^^oh, I already bought the Birthday dress for my little girl. Currently I am working on sewing it’s scarf to match with it^^

Next assignment. Fasting, hope we can fill this Ramadhan al-mubarak moment with a lot and lot of Ibada..amiin…..and Raya preparation=)

*a LITTLE newest sad news..Perhaps this coming aidilfitri we can only celebrate it at Kedah. Can’t back to Kelantan. My Husband will become Imam Solat Sunat Aidilfitri at KL, and after that we will drive to Kedah several days..and just come back to KL..because of limited time.Cannot imagine celebrating the first day at KL and on the Highway..=(

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