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Monday, July 9, 2012

The latest of my doter

Assalamualaikum wbt..

Here are the some pictures of my charming princess..hehe^^

She is charming, but in the same time she can cause me headache. Huhu

                             When i ask her to smile, she will give this wonderful smile=)

             Ini gambar die tangkap sendiri pakai HP mama. hehe.tengok gayanya senyum. memang suke bergambar.ikot sape agaknya..hehe 

                          ololo..muncung2 mulut suh mama ajar bace buku.huhu

Always talking non-stop. Always asking and asking and asking until I m tired of answering.~Lalala~
She loves books so much. More than she adores her dozens of toys..a book is great enough to make her day=) I guess, perhaps becoz she grew up (since in her mom’s tummy) in the pregnancy moment with her mom’s working out with couple of books each and every days=) since her mum’s is a student, so, I guess she is a student too=)

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