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Friday, February 15, 2013

first time we've involved in an accident

Assalamualaikum Warahmatullah..

Last weekend, we have planned to go back to Machang, Kelantan right after my Hubby finished his school program at 10.30..our plan is arrived at home nearly 5-6.00pm so we can help my sister's wedding preparation.

yes...as we planned, and Allah also planned. Nevertheless, His plan is better for us, for our life and for our religion. There were four of us, including my cousin..Everything was smoothly went on until we've involved in a car accident in Raub nearly 1.15pm..

The thing is, we crashed into other's cars..all 4 cars were involved in the accident. The police and people all around the place surround us within a minute. Feeling like an artist for a while=) hehe..

And..it is our fault as the last car behind all the cars. When the thing happened, my cousin and I were nearly fell asleep because we were so tired. I was sitting behind on the passenger's seat with her, meanwhile Aufa became a co-pilot sitting next to her father in a car-seat. Suddenly, i woke up because of an immediate and surprising brake, then *dummmmm* nothing can stop our car from crashing to a Honda Civic in front of us. There were Proton Wira in front of the Civic and the other Wira which actually started the unexpected brake at the front line.

As a result, the water tank leaked. Suddenly the smoke went out from the front bonnet. I asked my cousin to take Aufa out from the car immediately, and we all went out. Aufa cried heartedly, she fell down as a result of the unexpected brake. Alhamdulillah nothing happened to her and all the passengers. Only the car got 'sick'. Hehe, however, we can't continue our journey.

While my hubby was discussing with other drivers, police officers and the mechanics, i tried to call my brother who was also planned to go back to Machang on the same day. I texted him that we've involved in an accident and he called me back with a surprising tone. He told me that if we want to wait for him, he might be late..therefore we should find a place to stay for a while. 

My hubby and i discussed several things, whether we should continue our journey to Kelantan or not T_T. Suddenly i felt so sad..for the fact that i might be unable to attend my sister's wedding. i nearly cried (hihi)..but the most important thing right now is to be calm and be in tranquility..just pray to Allah,hopefully everything will be settled down immediately. For me, i thought that by hook or by crook, no matter what it took, and how much money we much spent, we need to arrive at my hometown~ Then, i surveyed several car rental services and contacted them. At the moment, my hubby also told me just find any car to rent even it was so expensive. We really really desperate for that time=) 

After the process of police report was settled down, we found a hotel at Raub and rented two rooms. We rested, ate, sleep, until my brother came at 6.30pm, and we took a ride with him to Kelatan. Alhamdulillah safely arrived during midnight.

By now, our Persona is still in the hands of the mechanics at Raub=) hm..by looking at the damage, probably it will take about 2 weeks to repair it. Ahamdulillah we still have Kancil to serve as an accommodation here^^,

We learnt a lot from this experience:-
1- Never ever speeding on the road^^, even you want to arrive early, but then, if u speed and something happened, so much so you can't make it....think about safety first.
2- As a wife, we should and always should advise our husband to drive safely. Never feel shy to advise. Ok. at the moment, me myself restricted my ownself from 'bebel' to my hubby even he was speeding because there was my cousin took a ride with us. Usually, i will always monitor his speed and always nagging if he doesn't drive safely so he can slow down a bit. At this time,i was not..and i really regret for that..because of my own mistake, i ignored his speeding, then..he feel free to drive with his own way.
3- Wearing seat belt is important=) 
4- Always pray to Allah, to bless our journey and keep us safe^^, I think this was the thing that we forgot because of so many reason ad so many things to think. Astaghfirullah T_T

Alhamdulilah, thank you Allah for Your protection.....................................................=)

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