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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Freedom is a GOld in ur life after married

In jahiliyyah time, women were confined in their house. The stereotype os only one-MUST DO HOUSEWORK, TAKE CARE OF CHILDREN, TAKE CARE OF HUSBAND…
There is no difference in this confinement with the Christian PURITANISM which I learned in American Literature Class. The wife is considered as sinful and wrong if she expresses her opinion and went out from house. So pity right? So what are their jobs then? ONLY to teach Biblical teaching to their children, doing housework like cooking, sewing, washing..That’s it..

Also for women during medieval time, Canterbury Tales “The Prologue” by Chaucer (is good example).. they are also looked down by society and the stereotype is very obviousssss. Ish ish ish..so pity and kesiannn..huhu..

Then Islam as a religion of truth correct all this stereotyping.=) MashaAllah.
Islam recognize the rules of women in life, society, and politic.
Islam holds the upright of women essentially.
Islam opens the eyes of man that women should be treated equally.
Islam ALLOWED wife to went out from house, work, gaining knowledge with the PERMISSION of husband.

If a husband is a Manager of family, so wife is an Assistant Manager of family. So imagine the task is also well-great.

being independence is a teacher for so many things in life, because you actually cannot depend on someone for the rest of your life.

Last Thursday, i learned a lot about family life from my beloved lecturer, Kak TJ, When she told stories of her married friends..lot an dlot of stories.very interesting^^

Alhamdulillah, Alhamdulillah, Alhamdulillah..=) Allah gives me a husband who give me freedom in my action., freedom to choose, freedom to make a decision..BUT still he will advice and give his opinion also=) Freedom to went out home if he is not around is also like a GOLD for me. Rather than being confined at home, it is more great and satisfied if I can went out with my baby and window shopping and so on ,HahAhA. It is enough even I m alone because so many people outside there lah. Police pon a lot. So,if u need accompany, who will accompany you?? Friend? NOT ALWAYS BE... Friend can be with you when they are free but they are not always free=)U too right?always unavailable for them..hoho.. it is not that you go to a Dark, secret, sunyi place or Outside country laaa..that one you ARE COMPULSARY to have accompany ok^^ As long as you are with a bunch of people which have same purpose as you in Market/Shops, that’s enough. In Sociology, we call it “PURPOSEVELY SAMPLING-POPULATION) .Those who did not learn anything from Sociology will not know about this. HahAhA.That’s why u need knowledge before mentioned something.

Oh. BUT, if he(Mr Hus) is around, it is a MUST to go anywhere with him=) hihihi. Yeah, I like it if he can drive us anywhere though^^

So , where to go this weekend? I think after mid-break i got loaded with a lot of works. huHaHuaHaaa

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