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Friday, September 16, 2011

A bit tense!

Assalamualaikum wbt everyone!

*i m disappointed with this P1 max wireless connection during night..always on and off* hoho..

The most, most, most crucial part of the first week of study had been settled..registration of courses, declaration of major and minor, registration for specialization courses..huh! just one thing still in to-do-list :renewal of car sticker for student off campus this sem..haha..(why is it, if I m writing in English I feel like….schematic one???”)

Then, know what? I’ve got the title of assignments that must be done before the end of semester.huhaaa..
                           2 weeks more will be our 2nd anniversary..yeah!

Aufa got fever last two days(just after got injected in KK for one-year-old baby),now she seems ok but still cranky. Oh~very very very tense…!! Huhu..her baby sitter have an appointment last Thursday and I am the one who struggle to a great extent to find friends to take care of Aufa just only for TWO hours! I got class on Thursday from 11.30a.m until 12.50..then continues from 2.00pm until 5.00pm.for the evening session was not a problem because her father will be back at 2.30pm..huhu..sadly sad sad..no one can look after her..all my friends have class and have some jobs..and..i feel very tension!huhu.. last option, her father applied for going back early from work (just because nobody can look after her)..

And because of the injection, she got fever…vomited almost 4 times on Thursday night..slept late in the night, crying, I think the most terrible fever she’d got! Without coughs she always vomit and hardly feeding milk or eating anything..huhu..the one thing I hate the most is when to feed her the medicine..she rejected of course!cried hardly, refused to open mouth, wanna run away.. Huhu..must be very very very patience and I got sooooo tired..huhu..now it is study time, I must make research before coming to class and when Aufa is not well, I am very very very tension..huhuhuhu..sad T_T (feel regret took the injection) haha..

Oh ya.

Today our schedule is pack.haha.. (ye la tu).even aufa is still not well, her father adamantly want to take us out for her friend’s open day houses at at Sungai Besi (2 places).i did not have choices except to go (lazily of course) haha..in the hope that aufa will be fine and with the condition baba must use low air condition in the car~~ back then we went to his sister’s house at Pusat Bandaraya..(happy to eat a lot of delicious foods)..alhamdulillah aufa is fine even she sometimes cried and lose her appetite to eat.
Arrived at our home almost 8.30pm, aufa looks happier than before,played, listened to her favourite nasyid songs, and then cried (sleepy again) but  Alhamdulillah she drink her milk before sleep (in which before this was rejected several times)..huhu..

*sorry for my bad language..*haha..


  1. amboi...mama aufa speking english laaa :)

  2. hahaha..mmg tension bila prkara2 ni dtg diluar jgkaan..so..be patient k..take good care of your daughter..get well soon yea aufa chumill..! aminn..

  3. princess solehah: hehe, lamo dh tak speaking, masuk2 uia jd berbelit lidah nk cakap ngan lecturer even amik major BI..huhu..

    mawar : tu la, kdg2 pening jugak kan.susah tu susah jugak, myb cabaran2 ni la yg mematangkan kite=) insyaallah, thanks!

  4. insyaallah,semoga allah mempermudahkan urusan ummu aufa sekeluarga n aufa sihat dgn baiknya spt biasa.cik as xtau dpt handle or x, bila hadapi situasi gini nanti.hehe. tp tetap rasa nak kawin n punya ank jgak. doakan ye.;)


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