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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Answering tag


tag ni dr ummu auni.... let's know each other :)

once you have been tagged, you are supposed to write a note
with 25 random things, fact, habits, or goal about you.
At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged.
You have to tagged the person who tagged you
If I tag you, its because i want to know more about you

  1. i m just an ordinary person...was born on 8th Sept 1988..nampak ok tp GARANG sangat ye...
  2. the sixth in family, agak emo..huhu...suke membebel tp bukan direct..bebel ikot msj atau emel ke...hubby selalu kena..jahat kan....huhu..tp punya sifat simpati yg tinggi..kalo tengok kucing kena gelek lori nanges x hengat walopun tu bukan kucing kiter... aufa kna cucuk kiter yg nanges..hubby demam kite gak nanges...mudah kate, manjaaaaa...
  3. primary school at Sek Ren Keb Machang 1, then went to secondary school at Maahad Syamsul Maarif Lilbanat Pulai Chondong, then entered Maahad Muhammadi for science stream..then Maahad Saniah for STAM
  4. alhamdulillah got 3A (only)  in UPSR, 7A in PMR, 7A in SPM, 9 Mumtaz in STAM..
  5. entered IIUM by SPM result..at the same time took STAM byself.
  6. Married when i was 21 years old
  7. got first daughter when i was 22 years old..
  8. Date of marriage : 24-09-09
  9. em..now i am studying in IIUM taking Bachelor of English Literature & Linguistic course..hope that i will success=) amiin...
  10. my husband was graduated from Al-Azhar Mesir took Tahfiz & Qiraat course..huh...something really extra opposite of mine right?
  11. i love ARABIC language extremely much much much....
  12. i love memorizing, reading, drawing..and other artictic features...
  13. oh ye...my princess is Aufa Hibriyah....hehe...
  14. i really enjoy my pregnancy moment sooooooooooooooooo much.....
  15. i delivered Aufa normally exactly on her due date....=) only about 16 minutes in labor room..alhamdulillah..Allah will..
  16. i love to eat.....everything especially my mom’s cooking..
  17. hehe..my hubby is good in cooking..sometimes better than me! Haha..
  18. i enjoy cooking but not so much..as i like gardening...sewing..singing..hehe..
  19. i hope one day i will be a lecturer of english...now i am improving my english skill even i know that i m still average of it..
  20. oh yea...i like cats..hamsters..camels...hehe...but i can’t keep them as pet...
  21. i hope one day my hubby will buy a camel for me..i really want it!haha..unta sgt cun ok..nak sgt make it as pet..pelik x..?
  22. em..i got driving licence last year...hehe..
  23. pakai Pesona hubby g kuliah...but mcm beso sgt..plan nk beli kancil jek..
  24. kalo drive x berani memotong even depan saye ialah kure2...really xder skill memotong2 nih..takuuut..suami suke bebel bab nih kalo drive tepi die...
  25. love u all ! hehe..
     ok..pastu nak tag sape ek?erm..x cukup 25 orang leh x?hehe...saye tag jannah  ( http://www.akujannah.blogspot.com) n farah(http://www.sundaycokelat.com)...dan ummu auni..=)


    1. t.ksh ye dah buat assignment akak tu hehe :)

    2. assalamualaikum,akak. saya jannah. macam mana nak tag akak ye? saya baru buat blog. terima kasih.


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